“It is all about us building each other up so we can go out and build our community and strengthen our community,” - Damon Daniel, President

For 40 years, AdHoc has provided violence prevention and victim services in the Kansas City metropolitan area.We serve as a trusted bridge between the community and the criminal justice system with the primary goal of reducing  violence and solving crimes  to make our neighborhoods and overall community a safe place to thrive.

In 2019, we served over 1,500 individuals through our services, including being a voice for those without a voice, advocacy, empowerment, and building resiliency. Currently, we offer wraparound community services  for those impacted by crime.  



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Mental Health Initiatives

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"...some people say ‘hurt people sometimes hurt people.’ But healed people heal people as well…"
Damon Daniel

Trauma Response Team
We canvass neighborhoods affected by violence.
Thinking for a Change
Graduates from our cognitive behavioral change classes.
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… when you talk about the issue of violence people are walking around the city, next to you, they’re your neighbors, they’re the folks that wait on you at the cash register, these are the folks that teach in your classroom, these are the students in your classrooms, these are folks at your pharmacy, these are the folks that pull up at the light next to you that are hurting. "

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