“AdHoc will continue the legacy of its founder to be the community  resource center

for the hurting and disenfranchised, while being a symbol of hope and love.”

In honor of Mr. Brooks, AdHoc is turning the page to a new, innovative chapter comprised of unique approaches to addressing trauma, violence, and socio-economic justice, with our opening of The Brooks Institute for Healing and Social Justice in our new office space. The Brooks Institute will honor the legacy of our founder Alvin Brooks, while also promoting programs and policy work that address the root causes of violence in Kansas City. Through The Brooks Institute, AdHoc will continue to be the community resource center for the hurting and disenfranchised, while being a
symbol of hope and love. It will also allow us to engage the up-and-coming generations in a new way through partnerships with higher education institutions in Kansas City.

The Brooks Institute will be the name of our new office space, but it will also be so much more. It will act as a bridge. It will be a bridge between
where we are now, and the proactive and

preventative place we want to be. It will be a bridge to bring those serving our community through the justice system and social services to additional training in their fields. It will be a bridge to connect students in specific career fields to internships and service learning experiences. It will be a bridge for communities who have been left behind to journey towards socio-economic justice as we partner with these future leaders to shape their lens of the city. We have already begun these partnerships, and look forward to many more.

At The Brooks Institute, AdHoc will create service learning opportunities and internships in collaboration with various regional and national experts in the fields of mental health, criminal justice, and economic development. We will partner alongside local higher education institutions, local businesses, foundations, and workforce development agencies in this endeavor.

At The Brooks Institute we will accomplish the following goals:

  • Become a multifaceted that produces research on various topics of crime and violence, policy development around criminal justice reform, and other essential topics that inspire action. We believe this will prepare students for positions beyond what is traditionally held in the criminal and social justice fields, including community development and behavioral health.
  • Actively engage students involved in the think tank environment with the community in discussion on crime that can guide them in their roles and responsibilities in creating a safer and more productive community.
  • Offer internships and service learning opportunities to give future leaders the relational and experiential knowledge they will need to serve effectively in the city.

AdHoc will continue to offer our wide range of services to the hundreds of individuals that come through the doors each month requesting to have their needs met. Those services are multi-dimensional and AdHoc is committed to helping each individual who requests assistance. The Brooks Institute will add depth to what we currently offer as we strive to bring healing and justice to the Kansas City community.

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