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AdHoc has often been referred to as “Kansas City’s Social Service Emergency Room.” Like a hospital emergency room, AdHoc responds to traumatic circumstances. Unlike a hospital emergency room, most of the trauma that arrives on AdHoc’s doorstep cannot be fixed with medicine and bandages.

From the beginning, AdHoc has understood that it cannot act alone and has developed many civic partnerships in order to be an effective community resource. Your donations help increase our capacity to serve families and individuals during times of crisis.

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AdHoc’s Programs and Services Fund

The healing of the HEART is a journey that is Never to be traveled alone. These funds help strengthen and expand prevention and intervention community programs. Examples: Grief Counseling, crisis intervention, and community events. 

AdHoc Reward Fund

Generated to assist with unsolved homicides by providing rewards for information leading to an arrest. 

Community Guardian Awards

Annual event is to pay tribute to the service and commitment that our honorees have displayed in selfless acts to create a healthier and safer community, commend the works of AdHoc in bringing healing and justice to Kansas City and celebrate our founder Mr. Alvin Brooks birthday. 

Amazon Wishlist

Items that help AdHoc serve families and the community, as well as run different programs, are listed on the Wishlist and updated regularly.

For questions, please contact us at 816-861-5500.