Civil Rights Monitor

This is a one-year, part-time position. This position reports to AdHoc’s Project Manager. AdHoc’s Civil Rights Monitoring is a process of reviewing a particular event, process and or performance. The activity requires the technical skills and substantive administrative tools to effectively conduct surveillance activities. “Monitoring” is a broad term describing the active collection, verification and immediate use of information to address civil rights problems. Civil Rights Monitoring includes gathering information about interactions, observing activities and events.  The term includes evaluative activities at the AdHoc Group Against Crime offices as well as first-hand fact-gathering and other work in the field.


Specific Duties:

·         The monitoring will consist of the review of the protected categories as defined under Missouri statue.

·         AdHoc Civil Right Monitors will observe onsite first-hand accounts of interactions of the public entering throughout the venue as defined by Westport Community Improvement District and/or the event’s sponsors.

·         Provide weekly reports to Project Manager with shift leads’ approval.

·         Monitors will be at every gate during specified hours.

·         Document all interactions properly and submit to shift lead for review.

·         Record all observed interactions involving people denied entry or searched.

·         Record number of times Kansas City Police Officers are involved in searches or called to assist in removal of patrons. Track number of weapons confiscated.

·         Track number of people subjected to searches using a wand.

·         Provide thorough details of all interactions observed.


Qualifications: Must be at least 21 years of age. Have a high school diploma or equivalent. Must be able to stand for 4 hours, be detailed oriented, proficient in Microsoft Office. Must have excellent penmanship. Must have reliable transportation, driver’s license, and proof of insurance.  As contingent upon hiring, candidates must show proficiency during training, submit writing samples and complete basic knowledge test. Final candidates will be subject to background check and drug testing.


Preference:  Experience in criminal justice, social justice, and / or ethics preferred.


·         Hours: Weekends (Friday and Saturday) 10:30 pm to 3:00 am, and some weekday meetings for training and review of reports with Supervisor. Monitors will be required to work a minimum two rotating weekends per month.

·         Benefits and/or Salary: $20.00 per hour

Manager of Support Services

The Manager of Support Services connects individuals with AdHoc’s victim services, provides initial assessments, provides group therapy services, facilitates and coordinates community mental health workshops and makes referrals to other counselors for intervention services for individuals who struggle with grief, violent behaviors or poor coping skills. This position reports to AdHoc’s President and works collaboratively to develop programs and grow the organization’s footprint in the field of mental health services. This position will also be responsible for developing data-driven community programs. Will assist with expanding service in both Kansas and Missouri.

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