AdHoc’s 40th Birthday

AdHoc’s 40th Birthday

From our founder, Alvin Brooks, on our 40th Anniversary:

My Dear Friends:

At 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, November 30, 1977, at the Linwood Community Center, I convened a meeting of community leaders and representatives of the Black community, to address the murder of 10 local women. Our meeting was entitled The Ad Hoc Group of Community Leaders and Representatives Against Violent Crime in the Black Community. My intention was to personally call and invite 60 persons (the first Ms. Lucille Bluford, managing editor of the KC Call the Black weekly newspaper) to a meeting to discuss the cases of these 10 women.The KC Star reporter John Dauhner, who covered city hall, where I served as an assistant manager, was given a copy of the meeting notice I sent out. Wednesday morning the KC Times (The KC Star’s morning paper), had an article on the front page that I was calling the meeting. IT WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE A PUBLIC MEETING!! Ms. Bluford was the only media person invited. Not to report immediately, but to hear the purpose of the meeting and the report from the police. It was also to chart out a course that the Black community could play in solving these homicides and others, as well as how we could improve the relationship between the Black Community and the police department.

That evening 300 to 400 people of all walks of life, “Showed up and showed out!” KCPD Police sergeant Al Lomax, who headed the squad of detectives investigating these cases, and I had met to review these 10 cases because there was a general belief that the killer of these 10 women was the act of a serial killer. Our review of these cases caused us to determine there was NOT a serial killer! Sgt. Lomax was supposed to share with these 60 people what was determined and why. With the three to four hundred persons that showed up, Sgt. Lomax really never got the chance to actually share with the group what had been determined ….that there was NOT a serial killer of these 10 women. I adjourned the meeting without reaching the goal as was originally intended. But there was a follow-up meeting on December 7, 1977 with about 100 persons who came for the purpose of listening to Sgt. Lomax’s report and to form a relationship with the police department in a collaborative way. That collaboration was approved by the board of police commissions in our first meeting with them in January of 1978.

By the way, The AdHoc Group Against Crime got its name from the media. They all said the name that brought the group together was good initially, but if it was to sustain itself over time, it should be shortened, to the point, and “catchy.” We accepted their advice.THE REST IS HISTORY.

So, Damon Daniel the present President and CEO, and the AdHoc board, you are entrusted to continue the legacy of The Ad Hoc Group of Community Leaders and Representatives Against Violent Crime in the Black Community.


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  1. Happy 40th Anniversary ,to you all.

  2. Thank you for sharing and HAPPY 40th ANNIVERSARY!!

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