Our thoughts and prayers are with Kansas City, Kansas, Police Chief Terry Zeigler, all of our partners in the Kansas City, Kansas, Police Department and the family of Police Capt. Robert Melton, who was tragically killed Tuesday.

Since 1977, when we were founded by community activist Alvin Brooks, the AdHoc Group Against Crime has been an advocate for victims of crime and violence throughout the Kansas City area. In this capacity, we serve as the bridge between the community and law enforcement.

AdHoc deals with homicide and its effect on our families every day of every year. Our heartfelt condolences to the families of both law enforcement officers and community members, nationwide, whose lives have been cut short.

There has been a lot of rhetoric over the last few days calling for a national conversation. The time has come for that candid and inclusive conversation to occur. AdHoc is ready to stand with our community residents and all of the agencies who are concerned about making Kansas City, and all cities, safe places to raise our families.