Calling All Artists

Art for Healing & Justice


AdHoc is calling for artists to assist in telling the stories of those we serve in a compelling way. We believe art can touch our hearts and express stories in a way that words cannot. We also want to express stories that can be triggering in a way that moves, but does not traumatize, the audience. We are looking for artists who have the passion and empathy to honor the families these stories represent, and the community we serve.

We are looking for art submissions for the following categories/stories:


  1. Relocation of mother and two little girls (ages 4 and 2) to move out of harm’s way when receiving threats after a homicide.

    1. We have a door with a bullet hole we have replaced that we would like be the canvas for this piece.

  2. Counseling/support

    1. “When my son was murdered everyone showed support to me and my family and I totally appreciated it. But no one thinks about the aftercare. That’s where Adhoc stepped in and for 2+ years they provided the care me and my family needed with no cost to me. I thank them for the love, support, and the care they gave me providing life-changing programs which have allowed me to go on in life with a smile. They have allowed me to grow with my pain and to continue living. To this day I can call on them and they will help in any way possible.” -Jessica Dydell

  3. D’s story

    1. Her fiance was killed with their 3 children in the house. They had to relive that trauma every day with their floors, walls, and doors until AdHoc brought in Crime Scene Cleaners, tore out the floors and walls and rebuilt them. It doesn’t take away the trauma, but it does allow the healing process room to begin.

  4. Wisdom’s story

    1. Wisdom was at home with her grandchildren one evening when a stray bullet fired from a gas station the next street over traveled through the woods and pierced her window. The bullet struck her 4-year-old grandson in the arm causing him to be rushed to the hospital. Several days later, AdHoc brought in a glass company to repair the window that had been shot out and to offer trauma counseling to Wisdom and her entire family.

  5. Promoting Healing & Justice mural

    1. This is our tagline and the shortest way to describe what we do. This would be an overarching artistic look at the work of AdHoc, and include the words “promoting Healing & Justice” prominently.

  6. Other: If you have been impacted by AdHoc, or have an artistic way you would like to express AdHoc that isn’t covered in the above 5 options, feel free to submit a mockup of your idea under this category.


  • Pick a story and submit a mockup of how you would like to artistically depict that story, quote, or service. Selections will be made from the mockups received.

  • Mockups must be submitted in color, either drawn or digital.

  • Submissions are free, there are no fees associated.

  • Acceptable media for final art pieces: painting, multimedia, sculpture

  • Acceptable sizes of final pieces: At least 24 x 36 inches up to small enough to fit through a standard door

  • Submitting a mockup for consideration signifies agreement to the following terms:

    • Artist agrees to donate final piece to AdHoc Group Against Crime for use as they see fit, in exchange for exposure of said art piece crediting the Artist (Exposure will be done via exhibit at upcoming fundraiser, additional exhibit details TBD, AdHoc website, AdHoc social media)

    • Artist agrees to have work exhibited

    • Artist agrees to be responsible for delivery of final piece by 5/2/19, location TBD, but in the Kansas City metro area

  • Deadline for Mockup submissions: Friday, March 22, 2019

  • Final artists/pieces will be selected from the submissions and notified by March 26 to allow work to begin as quickly as possible.

How to Submit mockups for consideration:

  • Use the following form
  • Mockups must be in color

  • More than one submission per artist is allowed

  • Mockups must be uploaded either as a PDF, JPEG, or PNG file

Questions? Email, or call the AdHoc office at 816-861-5500 and ask for Beth.

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