August News

August News

This quarter in AdHoc news: Read about the Fatherhood Initiative, a week in the life of AdHoc, and some of the many ways we are touching lives.


The Fatherhood Initiative


Fathers matter. We believe that healthy, empowered fathers lead to healthier families and safer communities. While that may seem rather, well…obvious, it is also not a primary focus for many communities that are plagued by violence, mass incarceration, and a lack of opportunity and resources. There are many good fathers here, and their stories should be celebrated, but there are also many who are absent, either by choice or the aforementioned outside circumstances.

We see three general tiers of fathers. The first tier is made up of the elders. The second tier are those who are actively engaged in the lives of their family and children. The third tier are those whose power has not been unlocked.  We believe that empowering this third tier to reach their potential is a preventative way to address crime and violence in our communities. We are seeking out the third tier.

AdHoc’s Fatherhood Initiative is recruiting, training and employing fathers in partnership with Connections to Success and other business owners and entrepreneurs. You can read more specific details about the exciting opportunities that are opening up, as well as the material we are teaching by clicking here.

Being a father is hard. Our desire is to walk alongside men on the journey of fatherhood, to equip and empower them to be who they, their families, and their communities need them to be. We are fighting crime with the strength of fathers and families.




A Week in the Life of AdHoc


Do you ever wonder what exactly we do? Take a quick peek inside a typical week at AdHoc. You might be surprised.

In a recent week we:

  • Reunited a local aging man with his long-lost family through a friend who came to us with his name, the state his family may be in, and his son’s name. She wasn’t sure where to turn and said, “all I know is AdHoc.” Through some online research, phone calls, and a little bit of a miracle, we were able to reunite him with his family. They had lost contact with him years ago, and tried finding him to no avail. After fearing the worst, they were beyond relieved to hear from us. The story isn’t complete, but hopefully we will have more to share with you in the future.
  • Coordinated with families we serve to get kids signed up for a Back to School Store through the NCJW to “shop” for supplies and clothes.
  • Connected 3 people who have been impacted by violence to free mental health services.
  • Worked with a new home owner who needed help evicting someone from the house they just bought.
  • Canvassed a neighborhood with family members and friends who lost a loved one, passing out flyers and asking for any information that might bring closure and justice. (19 so far this year).
  • Graduated a few participants from our Thinking for a Change classes (24 so far this year).
  • And so much more.

We do all that and more in any typical week. Our days are varied, and we never know what they will bring. People come to us with all manner of requests, and many have been told by a friend to call because “all I know is AdHoc” when they don’t know where else to turn.

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