Fatherhood Initiative

Fatherhood Initiative

Fighting Crime with the Strength of Fathers & Families

Thursdays, 6 pm

2701 East 31st Street

Kansas City, MO 64128


AdHoc, Connections to Success, and other community groups are meeting weekly to equip, employ, and energize fathers to take their rightful place in society. According to many family studies, in 1 of every 4 households in America, fathers are absent. We have a 3 step process:


According to former Kansas City Police Department Major Joe McHale, “Most of Kansas City’s homicides occur within 13 square miles, in neighborhoods plagued by violence year after year.” AdHoc and concerned fathers are going into these neighborhoods weekly recruiting any fathers – teen, divorced, unemployed, non-custodial, step, or father-figures. It’s a door-to-door campaign to liberate any fathers and families from the crime fire. Court Judges are also assisting with recruitment.


AdHoc is implementing one of the strategies from the National Center for Fatherhood: reconnecting fathers to their children. Various historical, economic and social factors (e.g., slavery and racism) have negatively impacted the role of the father. Many men did not have a father present to model a healthy father-child relationship, resulting in a continuing cycle of disconnection. But a father’s presence is vital to helping each child discover and establish a purpose in life. We must not minimize his role in supporting his child physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The Fatherhood Initiative emphasizes the father’s ability to teach, guide and encourage his child through verbal praise, hugs, kisses, and an “I love you just because you’re mine” connection. One of the main goals is to get fathers involved in classrooms. (adapted from National Center for Fatherhood)


Disrupting the pipeline to incarceration, we’re creating a pathway to help fathers find living wage jobs and economic independence. AdHoc, Connections to Success, and local employers have formed a practical partnership to prepare fathers for careers. Connections to Success has inspirational stories of fathers changing their families generationally through living wage jobs.

*The Fatherhood Initiative uses cognitive intervention, data-driven curriculum, and methodologies such as Quenching the Father Thirst and Thinking for a Change.

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