Grief Support Counselors

Through a generous grant from the Healthcare Foundation of Greater Kansas City and COMBAT, we are able to provide licensed, trained counselors to families that have been victimized by homicides. Both individual and group counseling is available to families who might not have these kinds of services readily available. Most importantly, we let our families know that it is okay to reach out for help and that counseling is an important component towards understanding life’s trials and tribulations.


Supporting Services for Families Surviving Homicide

Our Supporting Services group meets on the first Tuesday of every month from 6:00 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. at the AdHoc offices. This is a time where families come are able to ask questions about issues they are facing like navigating through the law enforcement system and the process of grieving. We are fortunate that we have excellent resources available through our community partners. Some of our most recent speakers have been experienced grief counselors, representatives from the Kansas City Missouri Police Department and the medical examiner’s office, the CSI Director and a member of the Rabbinical Association of Greater Kansas City.  Special attention is offered to African American males in these families between the ages of 9 to 24.

Thinking for a Change

Jackson County, along with the rest of the nation, is experiencing an influx of ex-offenders re-entering society after years of incarceration. For example, in 2011, 2,777 ex-offenders returned to Jackson County from federal or state prison and 5,194 were under the jurisdiction of Probation or Community Corrections. It is a common fear that those who are returning to society from incarceration will become responsible for violent behaviors in the communities to which they return. Several studies show that interventions meant to teach new coping behaviors to returning citizens can be very successful in reducing these violent reactions.

The Thinking for a Change program is designed as a cognitive behavioral intervention for individuals involved with criminal and juvenile justice systems. AdHoc’s trained group facilitators are making great strides in the reduction of reoffenders through this cognitive behavioral intervention curriculum. We are proud to partner with the Jackson Municipal Court, Probation and Parole, Regional Correctional Center, COMBAT, and Dismas House.

Fatherhood Initiative

Fighting Crime with the Strength of Fathers & Families

AdHoc, Connections to Success, and other community groups are meeting weekly to equip, employ, and energize fathers to take their rightful place in society. According to many family studies, in 1 of every 4 households in America, fathers are absent. We have a 3 step process to re-engage fathers in their families: recruit, train, and employ. The Fatherhood Initiative uses cognitive intervention, data-driven curriculum, and methodologies such as Quenching the Father Thirst and Thinking for a Change. Click to read more.

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