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AdHoc “Grief Counseling Services” are presently available to individuals and families who have been impacted by trauma due to violence. AdHoc recognizes that grief is an individualized, ongoing process that is comprised of several stages of emotional adjustment. The counseling services are unique in that they can be provided in the home or at locations that are identified to be private, safe, and convenient for the individual and family, thus removing the barrier of transportation. 

These services are free of charge and are provided by trauma-informed counselors licensed in the states of Missouri and Kansas. Both individual and group counseling is available to families who might not have these kinds of services readily available. Most importantly, we let our families know that it is okay to reach out for help.

AdHoc helps families begin the process of healing and justice. Families of homicide victims or church personnel request this service to bring solace and build awareness of crime. The vigils encourage the generation of tips. Vigils also create an opportunity for the community to unite to express outrage associated with losing a loved one too soon, and begin the grieving process together.

Jackson County, along with the rest of the nation, is experiencing an influx of ex-offenders re-entering society after years of incarceration. For example, in 2011, 2,777 ex-offenders returned to Jackson County from federal or state prison and 5,194 were under the jurisdiction of Probation or Community Corrections. It is a common fear that those who are returning to society from incarceration will become responsible for violent behaviors in the communities to which they return. Several studies show that interventions meant to teach new coping behaviors to returning citizens can be very successful in reducing these violent reactions.

The Thinking for a Change program is designed as a cognitive behavioral intervention for individuals involved with criminal and juvenile justice systems. AdHoc’s trained group facilitators are making great strides in the reduction of reoffenders through this cognitive behavioral intervention curriculum. We are proud to partner with the Jackson Municipal Court, Probation and Parole, Regional Correctional Center, and COMBAT.

AdHoc generates these appeals and flyers to assist in building awareness of those who are missing, murdered or suspected of crimes, and to interject positive community messages.

AdHoc partners with The Office of Community Complaints (OCC) to serve as a site for individuals to file complaints against police officers they feel have violated KCPD’s code of conduct. Community members can come during office hours to fill out a complaint form. AdHoc will then take care of having the form delivered to the OCC.


This is a valued resource for people to report gang and drug activity, suspects of crime, missing persons (17 and up) and other incidents of concern, to receive community referrals or AdHoc intervention services. This line is also used by those suspected or accused of a crime who would like to surrender. “Safe passage” to the police is one of the services AdHoc provides.

816.531.COOL (2665)

Parents can call to report missing children (16 and under) and give information regarding those who are missing. Youth use this helpline to reach out for help in dealing with troubling life circumstances.

AdHoc Group Against Crime has had a unique partnership with the Carter Broadcasting Group since 1978. Serving a diverse group of listeners through KPRS; 103.3 FM (R&B and Hip Hop) and KPRT; 1590 AM (Gospel), AdHoc utilizes both stations to engage the community in its efforts. AdHoc hosts a call-in show, Voices From Midtown & Beyond, Tuesday’s from 12:30-1:00 pm on KPRT, and is on both stations everyday reporting missing persons, homicide victims and commentaries related to community issues.

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